Bin Buggy
 Perry Carter (Sole Trader) ABN 47 729 010 124

Bin Buggy

The Bin Buggy is Australian designed and manufactured using as much Australian content as possible.

We are located at Launching Place in the Yarra Valley in Victoria Australia.

About the Bin Buggy:

The Bin Buggy provides a means of transporting wheelie bins over a distance to a collection point at a roadside.

The Bin Buggy connects to a car, tractor, all terrain vehicle or ride on lawn mower with a 50mm tow ball or a flat tongue type connecting hitch. Whatever you choose, the removal of a pin or bolt is all that is required to change from one type to the other.

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Loading a Bin Buggy:

Wheelie bins are extremely easy to load on to the Bin Buggy. You simply walk your wheelie bin to the rear of the Bin Buggy, tip it slightly towards you to allow the bottom face of the wheelie bin to sit on top of the bottom rail of the Bin Buggy, then rotate the wheelie bin to the upright position allowing it to contact the spring loaded bolt catch at the back, give it a push in with your knee and then engage the spring loaded bolt catch to hold the wheelie bin in place.

You can view the video for a visual instruction at the following link.


The Bin Buggy can be supplied for domestic and also commercial use. We manufacture Light Duty and Heavy Duty models.

The differences between the light and heavy duty models are:

  1. Heavy duty models are manufactured from a larger section of hollow tube.

  2. The heavy duty model has a heavier duty wheel and bearing.

  3. The heavy duty model has a normal trailer type of ball coupling, whereas the light duty model has a light duty ball coupling.

  4. The heavy duty model is mainly bolted together for strength and rigidity whereas the light duty model is able to be folded for storage.


The Light Duty model is manufactured in two configurations. One can carry 2 x 240 litre wheelie bins whilst the other model can carry 1 x 120 and 1 x 240 litre wheelie bins as shown in the photos below.

2x2401x 120 1x 240

2 x 240 Litre Model left - 1 x 120 and 1 x 240 Litre Model right

The Heavy Duty model can be supplied to carry 2 x 240 litre wheelie bins only, however it can be supplied with hooks to enable 2 x 240 litre EMPTY bins to be carried as well.



If space is a problem, the Light Duty Bin Buggy can be folded and stored against a wall. An optional Wall Bracket is available at extra cost. (The Heavy Duty Bin Buggy can not be folded)


The Bin Buggy is manufactured from Duragal Steel with Galmet Duragal paint used to cover any welds or plain steel areas.